DJ: Advanced Certificate Course

The Advanced certificate course deals with advanced techniques such as mixing on turntables, CD players and using the mixer for advance effects to not only create a seamless blend between your tracks but also allows you to create moments within your sets using your own variations and customizations of effects to enhance transitions. A comprehensive course guide for using Software and Virtual Decks for the DJ sets. On completion of this course you will become a pro at DJing and would be able to do shows from Individual Gigs, Club Events or do Corporate Shows or Media Parties or play sets in Music Festivals

Course Outline:

  • What is a DJ?
  • Introduction to the equipments& amp; The Industry
  • Introduction to the music genres around the world
  • What is a Cue Point?
  • Beat matching
  • Mixer & Eq.
  • How to use equalization effectively
  • Basic and Advanced Mixing Techniques
  • How to Use Effects, Filters and Loops Effectively
  • How to Manage Your Music Collection
  • Introduction to digital djing/ Virtual Decks
  • Everything about DJ software applications
  • How to Create and Organize Playlists
  • The Aesthetics of Sound and the Harmonic Mixing

6 Months

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