Scope Of Event Management In India

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Scope Of Event Management In India

Just Think! On visiting a mall you get to sip 4 different flavors of a newly launched tea on the stall which is doing a sampling event; on the contrary you go to a store in that mall and saw 4 flavors of the same tea lying on the rack. What will compel you to buy? The packets lying on the rack or the live experience which you just had? Off course you will go by the experience. This experience was created by the Event Managers. Event management is the most improved and effective form of advertising. Nothing could even come close to this. Moreover, you know the actual feedback on your product directly from the horse’s mouth.

Event management, any day is a very LIT profession, but on a serious note it is MOST DYNAMIC career too with limitless earnings. Anyone can opt for it provided he remains 200% dedicated to this profession. Event Management is:

  • Not a 9 to 5 Job.
  • Very dynamic.
  • Unlike many other career paths, event management industry is not based on the foundation of academic laurels and certifications.
  • The profits are always better than the expectations.
  • Requires in-depth knowledge of 100% elements.
  • Innovation and novel ideas are a key to success.
  • The growth is fantastic, provided you have enough patience and dedication.

Event management is a wonderful example of management studies which says “Management is an art of getting the things done” and that’s all what a good Event Manger is required to do. Here, success is directly proportional to how many contacts you have earned and how you use them.

In the current scenario event education is an added benefit to all the management professionals. A qualified event manager is preferred by a lot of companies dealing in various sectors like:

  • Event / Wedding Management Cos.
  • Media Houses
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Banking and Finance Cos.
  • Life Insurance Cos.
  • Hospitals
  • Health and Fitness
  • Beauty and Cosmetic Cos.
  • Tours and Travels Cos.
  • Piping and Pumping Cos.

……………….And many more In short Event managers have become an inseparable part of any industry

Judging the scope of this field will be too conservative, as it totally depends on the capabilities of the person who will pursue it as a career. No one can give you a better advise then yourself. If you get a voice from your inner self that “This is a profession made for you” and you trust your thinking and presentation capabilities, then wait for nothing just GO FOR IT!

But yes, before entering into it professionally get the basics right and get well trained so that there is no looking back. Many good institutes are there for learning Event Management, look for a university affiliated one, research and then join.

Internships will be added advantages for practical learning which you will be able to do with the help of your chosen institute only.

All the Best to those who will be taking up Event management as their career, be though to the situations. Unlike every other profession there will be ups and downs, don’t be scared, be innovative and socialize at the end the world will be yours!

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