Why Should I Become a Wedding Planner?

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Why Should I Become a Wedding Planner?

Wedding planning is a popular career nowadays and for all good reasons – people will never stop getting married. So we can call it “Recession Proof” as well. However, like any other career, there are several challenges which might force you to give it a second thought.

Wedding Planners are unique in nature and are often called by many other names like ‘Jack of All’-He can fix anything you can assume, ‘ A Refree’– to sort any disputes amongst the Families, ‘A Friend’– to prepare for all the surprises from either sides, ‘A Genie’– who can get you everything within the wink of your eyes, ‘A Phychologist’, to deal with all the moments of anxiety and ‘A Negotiator’ to get almost everything for free.

This is a profession where you need to make a perfect balance between the choices of two people and help them conclude on the best one. You need to make sure that this will be the best day of their life while keeping them in budget and adhering to the deadlines. If you are excited about weddings and have passion and are ready to sacrifice your weekends for half-a-year then there should be nothing stopping you from taking Wedding Planning as a career and become a Professional Wedding Planner.

Here are 10 reasons supporting wedding planning as a great career.

Ever Growing Industry

According to a report by KPMG, the Indian wedding industry is estimated to be around $40–50 billion in size. More people than ever are using wedding planning services to feel at ease during the wedding and enjoy it to the fullest. Due to the reducing family sizes Wedding Planners have become inseparable part of any wedding in India and abroad.

It’s Global

This career gives you an opportunity to plan weddings across the country and internationally. Yes! You are reading it right. This is a business which doesn’t limit you to your base location. Sitting in Indore you can be hired to manage a wedding at Udaipur and even at Sri Lanka.

Cool & Creative Career

No boring desk jobs! Choose your own working hours and be your own Boss! If you are a creative type, this is a great career option for you. Give wings to your imagination, execute and get paid even, it’s time to execute live your dreams in front of you. Your time will be spent doing long meetings with the client, site visits, research, vendor alignment, and setting up events.

Work on amazing locations

Ever thought of visiting Rome? This is a profession which will take you on a world tour that too on the client’s cost! Even if we think conservatively you will end up covering India at minimum. Work at luxurious locations like Udaipur, Goa, Mussoorie, Jaipur, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Kerala, Pushkar, Jaisalmer, Khajuraho and post work enjoy the holiday with team. These are called Destination Weddings

Well Connected Industry

This is an Industry which connects you to many other industries thus increasing your chances of business expansion in future. Being in business for years makes you educated on the closely connected lateral industries and hence the further diversification becomes very easy. This business multiplies faster.

No Big Degrees

If Books are not your best companion then this career is meant for you. Wedding Planning course doesn’t require much of classroom studies nor does the courses which are run by several institutes requires higher educational qualification for admissions. This is a career to be taken by an outgoing practical individual, if you are, then go grab it!

Mint Money

As a beginner, you can make 0.5-2 Lac per wedding which will surely scale up infinitely with the experience. Once experienced, you can earn between 1.5- 5 Lac from a wedding! However, earning from a wedding depends on the range of service you provide being a Wedding Planner. The total per annum income will be the multiplication of projects you do.

No Investment Business

Wedding Planning business can be started from home, without any investment. After getting enough experience when you decide to have your own setup you can do it within a day. No big office, no infrastructure, no other staff, no expenses in all, then what to worry for?

Recession Proof

According to Forbes business of Weddings is recession proof. No matter whatever happens, people will never stop getting married. Being in this profession gives you assurance that you will never be jobless. People have saved for ages for the Big Day and no matter where the economy is going, they will still be spending it the way they have planned.

Never Ending Career

Starting as early as 25 you can be in business until you die. The more you grow older, the more mature you become and the more mature you become the more and more people will trust you. Once set in this profession, the growth in enormous and the prospects are increasing every day.

Expert Tip:

“To become a perfect Wedding Planner you must choose an Institute which is perfect in all senses.”

Becoming a Wedding Planner seems more attractive and fun now, right?

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