How to choose an Event Management/ Wedding Planning Institute

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How to choose an Event Management/ Wedding Planning Institute

Life is full of occasions and you are here to Celebrate Life!

Event management has become an inseparable part of our lives recently. On the off chance that we look cautiously numerous sorts of occasions happen much of the time around usand knowingly or unknowingly we are involved in managing an event multiple times. A simple get-together at home is also an event and you look forward to create an unforgettable experience for your guests who are your close friends! A lot of planning and organizing goes into making it a success. Every event differs in size and therefore for bigger events we need a bigger team, organized planning and technical know-how of the elements involved in that event. This is the reason why Event management became prevalent as a profession.

Events are Fun but never a child’s play. An Event manger always remains on toes physically and mentally as well as the event which he is planning is someone’s important occasion. Be it a Conference, a product launch, Fashion Show, Birthday, Road-show, Exhibition or a Big-Fat wedding, every occasion has to be worked out with precision and proper planning. It’s always said “Well planned is half-done” in events. When you have decided to take this up as a career then selection of the institute becomes quite crucial, as it’s the matter of your future.

Here are some tips to choose an institute carefully so that you get the best

Scrutinize the Courses Offered

Due to the increase in demand of the qualified Event Managers and Wedding Planners, there are a lot of Institutes which have come up with these courses. In order to have an upper hand, the basics must be clear. You can go to the websites of all the institutes and thoroughly monitor the courses they are offering. Along with the course go through the syllabus so that you can have a clear idea of the topics you will be studying in the institute. Usually there are certificate and Diploma courses which are offered in this field. Check for scholarships also, many institutes has that feature available. Choose a course which fits best to your requirements.

Check Affiliation and Merits of the Institute

In this online world anything can be fake! When you are heading towards your future there should be no bumpy rides of which you may fall-off. Check in the beginning avoids repenting later. While checking on the institute check its affiliations and merits it has claimed on the website, try clicking and searching one or two of them randomly. Many institutes which claims to be affiliated to a foreign university are fake, the university doesn’t exists only. Check certifications, everything is available online, its just a matter of spending few more minutes there.

Visit the Institute once

A purposeful visit to the shortlisted institute is essential in order to confirm its authenticity. Some institutes exist only on papers. By visiting you will be able to gauge the vibes and decide accordingly.

Eligibility and Admission Process

Usually, the admission process is very simple in these institutes. However, there are certain institutes who focus on quality and you might have to go through one or two PI rounds with a written aptitude test. Check the eligibility criteria also. Normally a 12th pass student can take admission.

Compare the Fee

Many institutes are good to look in the first glance on website. But be careful and just don’t get swayed by the materialistic things shown on the website. Check for the essence, The Fee. Normally the courses at all the institutes are similar but some of them charge exorbitantly. Many a times it is seen that the same institute has a different fee structure for different cities. It is also observed that the franchisee charges haywire because there is no regulation. Check if there are any hidden charges apart from the Fee. Check that the Fee which is charged to you similar to the others for the same course.

Speak to Alumni

There is no harm in making some unknown friend online for the sake of your future. Past students of the institute are the best source of information, no one knows better! Ask them everything you wanted to know about the institute, faculty, classes, internships, events worked on and Fees as well.

What if the Institute is new?

If the institute you are researching on is new, don’t worry. Search for its owners, their profile, their qualifications, their experience. There is a possibility that someone who started this is already in the same field for a long time and is a reputed name in himself. Go to the institute get a counselling done, ask questions however stupid they may be, clear all your doubts.

Choose your course according to the field you want to specialize in. For example, if you want to go into wedding planning, opt for Wedding and Event Planning Certification or diploma course not the Event Management Courses.

Lookout for the Faculty/ Advisory Board

It’s always better to be sure about who all are going to teach you. This course is practical driven and normally any good institute will be having faculties from the industry to coach you. List down the name of faculties and google it, check their job profile, experience etc. you will have all your questions cleared.

Training, Internships and Placements

Theory is important, but in thecourses like Wedding Planning and Event Management, there is a more focus required on the workshops, seminars, on job training, vendor visits and practical training. Something which is read in book becomes permanent when clubbed with practical. These aspects are very important and must be included in course curriculum offered by any institute. Your institute must assure you of the no. of events it will be offering you for the practical exposure. Internship is an integral part and must be committed by your institute.  And finally check on the previous placements given by the institute.

Look for “That extra portion”

If you have liked everything about the institute don’t forget to look for “that extra portion” which your institute is offering. This can be some extra skill taught by the institute along with the course, maybe a designing software which might be helpful for your Wedding Planning/ Event Management career.


Planning and executing events is a huge task. There are lots of emotions and responsibilities attached to it, so you need to work really hard to live up to everyone’s expectations and be known in the industry. To take a first step towards becoming a successful Event Manager or Wedding Planner you must enroll yourself in an institute of your choice, which fits and fulfills all the criteria of an excellent institute. Remember, “Rome was not built in a day” learning takes time and proper learning, even more. Take your time, get your basics right and move with a solid dedication, rest everything will be as per your expectations. Start and get as much as you can, nobody in this field will hold your hand and teach you, once onsite ask as many questions as you can, learn from all your mistakes and you will be through!

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